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Wow - I am surprised to see all of the comments about this photo!

A little background...this was an example of "Minuteman Railfanning" as in I found out that morning that it was leaving Tucson 2 hours earlier than what I was told the night before, so I just grabbed the cameras and highballed out there. That curve is 1 of only 2 spots (the other is an outside curve with even more clutter) between Tucson and Yuma where one can get nose light on a westbound train in the morning (and I know not to upload dark nose shots now - this was rejected for bad lighting ( I did forget my "real time cloning tool" as well in the rush to get out there, but next time I'll have it with me. That spot is only accessible via 4 wheel drive unless one trespasses, and that area is hot with police now with all of the drug and human smuggling lately. A couple of weeks earlier in that area I heard someone blasting away with a full auto machine gun!

I prefer to have more sky than foreground, just my preference. Yes the post was a bit dark when viewed in the daylight, but it looks fine in a dark room, and I did sharpen it quite a bit, and it looks much sharper in PS than on RP's site....why is that?? Is RP compressing the photos to save server space? I upload the photos at 100% jpeg quality in PS5.

BTW, this photo ( has what I would consider to be foreground clutter, but not just a few weeds like on mine. Next time I'll remove them one way or the other . And the pole in the photo is a problem I can see...but I wanted it to be in the photo as a frame. Probably should have cropped off behind the pole...

I did expect RP to reject this photo, but they didn't - the pilot is covered by weeds, and the handrail supports are obstructing as well! And the nose light is a 'split face' as never can tell at times what may fly and what is heaved into the trash .

Image © Ted Ellis
PhotoID: 413684
Photograph © Ted Ellis

Thanks again for all of the comments - most interesting!

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