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Originally Posted by magicman_841 View Post
Epic nitpick.
Maybe, but one that could have been avoided rather easy. Also, are we sure it's the weeds and not the giant pole over the third unit? Next, there are other issues with the shot. It's a tad dark, another easy fix. It needs a little CCW rotation, another easy fix. And it might need some sharpening, which would be another easy fix, but then I'm not wearing my glasses right now either, so I coujld be wrong. Also, the cropping and composition leaves some to be desired. It's common RP-procedure to let the train trail out of frame and not cut it off as you did. The train also seems low in the frame, but moving it up would put more of an unintresting foreground in there. Maybe it's just not a good spot to shoot a traain.

Outside the scope of the rejection, anytime someone names their thread "Rejection reason given? Really?" I pretty much know (or assume) that the rejection was valid.

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