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I'm with Ted, and I think Charles and Robert are bonkers, to the extent that I read them as implicitly approving of the rejection.

I had to zoom in a good amount just to figure out what was going on. I think what I see is one twig of a bush intruding into the space between the air hose and the MU cables to their left, so down and to the left of the knuckle itself. I say "I think" because things get to be a bit blurry when one zooms in. As far as I can tell nothing else is touching the pilot.

It also appears one twig is in front of a wheel on the forward truck of the second unit.

Is this what it has come to? A 150% zoom just to see that their might be a problem?


PS: my only problem with the shot is that, for this sort of a composition, one has to choose to position the train vertically above or below center (yes, Jim Thias, I said vertically!) and Ted chose below, expanding the plain blue sky to excess. Might as well also crop on the right while you are cropping on top, and let the pole do more of the work of cutting off the trailing cars instead of having the edge of the frame do it.
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