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Originally Posted by KevinM View Post
Honestly, these are beautiful images and I think it strange that RP would reject them out of hand, when as Dennis pointed out earlier, they take obviously staged bikini shots.
I don't see it this way. The current shots are very much, to use the terms from above, portraits with the RR content as a prop. The various bikini shots, I think of the BNSF in particular, is a more "realistic" interaction between babe and behemoth, to coin a phrase. The train's presence is not artificial, there is a stopped train and a girl nearby, the girl may or may not be posed but the scene is, in some sense, representational. The train was not stopped at that point for the shot.

The shot here is 100% posed and, unlike, say, a scene at a photo charter, does not have an attempt to portray a real scene. Unless that scene is itself a staged photo shoot from 50 years ago, in which case the meta-dimensions of the comparison are making my head spin and I give up.

Nick's canoe shot, nicely done but I personally would have rejected it. There is a pix from some time ago, I think Playboy models in south america (not nude! only jetphotos allows nudity ) that I would also have rejected. My tastes and my perception of what RP is trying to do, obviously MANY others disagree.

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