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Originally Posted by Dennis A. Livesey View Post
I disagree; I think RP has room to be more inclusive. All inclusive, no.
Well, I wont get into a full consideration now, but one thing jumps out. The screening of such shots would be much more subjective that what is currently done. (Can you believe it! It's true!) I don't see how RP could manage it on current manpower. Furthermore, I think the screening would necessarily rely on a different set of standards. So, how does it go, you have a wedgie/representational channel going to screener set A, an artsy non-representational channel going to screener set B, the option to resubmit to the other channel? And what are those standards going to be? Wide open, accept anything that has an "artsy" feel and has no obvious flaws? When is blur a technical flaw and when is it artistic expression?

Like it or not, in the RP realm things are (RELATIVELY) predictable and thus (can you believe it!) relatively consistent. Add in the additonal stuff and it has the potential to blow up, in the sense of being unmanageable.

Of course, there is a way to do it. My concern is not that, my concern is mixing that in with the current RP and having the (valuable!) current RP lose direction and focus.
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