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Originally Posted by Walter S View Post
And the sad thing is, many do....
I'm not sure what you mean Walter.

Originally Posted by JRMDC View Post
Well, there is also the question of how much one site can do. In my view, RP does a good job of merging the basic wedgie crowd with the higher-end/realism stuff. I think that stuff that I will loosely call "more artsy than RP" may just not work in the same website, too much of a discordant add on.
I disagree; I think RP has room to be more inclusive. All inclusive, no.

Originally Posted by JRMDC View Post
This all to simply say, Dennis, get a new website going!
I can't keep my own website maintained so another is out of the question.
However, if there was money to be made...

Originally Posted by JRMDC View Post
Only slim butts for Dennis! No pear shapes for Dennis, he is toooo picky!
I like big, fat boilers; does that count?

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