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Thank you to everyone for checking it out.

Originally Posted by JRMDC View Post

I don't know, but I strongly suspect Joey didn't create the shot with RP in mind. Rather, he created the shot he wanted, following his vision, and then tried to see if RP would accept it.
You hit the nail on the head with that statement. I do not think I have ever pressed the shutter button once while thinking about RP.

The idea for this shoot first originated around January or February. The model is into vintage and other related genres. I suggested doing a shoot at the museum with the trains. Not too long after we first talked about doing the shoot, Clint Renegar, BJ Preddy, and Ben Earp (all RP contributors) did a night shoot at the museum. I liked the outcome and then entertained the idea of doing the shoot at night and making it look as if a locomotive was fired up during the shoot, just adding a new dimension. (though the above photo does not feature any steam or anything like that).

We tried to set a date but its hard to get 4 different parties to agree on a date and the project fell through for a few months. Then about two weeks before the date we shot the idea was brought back up and everyone's schedule aligned. Having an engineer in the shot was never part of the original plan though Clint talked about wanting to do one or two photos during the shoot of him alone dressed up as an engineer. I figured, why not add him to one of ours? When editing the photos I decided to give one shot a try, just for kicks, I did not expect it to make it in in the first place.

It was a great shoot, I feel that I have created some of my strongest portraits yet, and got to combine my two favorite subjects, trains and brides.

Here are two more from the shoot, still working on the rest.

And no thats not "bad color" or a weird color cast, trying to create a vintage look, maybe kind of like a cross processed photograph or something that has faded/suffered color damage over time.

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