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Originally Posted by nikos1 View Post
I had a hard time composing this one and was debating going vertical but went against it for some reason or the other.

That makes it sound like you only shot ONE picture. There is all sorts of natural beauty there. That scene would have supported dozens of pictures.

The tower seems to entirely different scale than the locomotive, sort of impossibly big, worse, smotheriong the train.

So I don't think you can include (use) everything in one picture.

If you were down lower and more off to your left, you would have the train at your level and the perspective of the train coming around the bend, emerging from the trees, with the storm clouds above the trees finishing off the picture perfectly, EXCEPT THAT the train is at significantly lower grade and from my perspective, renders that idea null and void, making dealing with the train from the side looking difficult to impossible. So earlier on you might have been able to get the train when he was at more natural grade, back closer to town.

Then spend some time looking at the tower and try to make it look more "natural" , which would mean making it appear as part of the power-line system of which it is a part. The fact that it may be pictured realistically does not really help if it does not "look right." For the what I presume is the immense scale of that tower, some way to capture that scale would be helpful, like the distance between towers, like occurs in the really big cross country lines etc.

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