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Originally Posted by sd9 View Post
after getting rejected for cropping, I backed out a bit but then then I got the poor lighting reject, so I am assuming it should be lit up better on the sides? (not glinty enough I guess) but then you would lose the orange glow, so, forget about it or lighten it up?

Your pixel counts are getting pretty low at 211 kb. That suggests to me that you are losing pixels from "cropping." I use what I call "Zoom & Grab" which uses the full resolution of the monitor, giving lots bigger files and lots less data loss.

Are you using something like a 70-300 lens? Your EXIF data lists 70 mm focal length. (With Zoom & Grab you lose your EXIF reference.) I am a fan of lenses in the 18-200 or 18-270 class. With such a lens one could wait until the train was much closer and pop him with flash to show the part now back lit and still get the glint down the side. Nikon does a lot of song and dance about "fill flash" in their manuals but it’s best to just start experimenting when you want to bring out things in the shadows. From your lingo you seem to be an insider and I assume you get away with using flash without getting arrested, whatever the charges might be.

Discussion of “Zoom & Grab.”

I find ACDSEE as good as anything for viewing and organizing images. For example one merely needs draw a box around an area of interest and click inside it and that area immediately fills the screen. I have not met anybody who has seen anything slicker or quicker.

I keep CaptureWizPro sitting on the edge of my screen. Hit draw a box around the part of the screen of interest and the program grabs the image, gives it an ascending file name and that is it. There are other options too but that is slickest. $70 with 30 day free trial. $40 with 30 day free trial.

Both companies are easy to work with, being friendly and non-predatory.

I like the combination of these two programs to carry out what I call “Zoom & Grab” which results in little or no loss of pixels if done right, since one is using the entire screen, rather than the loss of pixels that occurs with “cropping.” I suspect cropping when different images on this site by the same viewer show lots of variation in file size and I suspect that in many cases “Zoom & Grab” would have resulted in better image quality.

In a similar vein, the fastest way to look at images on FLICKR seems to be in slide show format and these images yield nicely to reaching out and grabbing them with CaptureWizPro, since they do not respond the same way as .JPEG’s would, since they are in JAVA.
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