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Default Bridge might dev as secondary point.....


GIZMO I did take a burst of photos but found when the train runs further along the bridge it's obstructed by the angled support cable you can see just in front of the lead loco which I felt was too distracting. I wanted to get the full hight of the bridge in and I felt this was nicely balanced with the full reflection of the bridge and exhaust.
This was my second attempt at this location as the previous day I'd shot from the same angle at about the same time of day but I took it as a close in landscape photo and the shot just didn't work because it just highlighted the the fact that part of the loco is obscured and you couldn't see enough of the bridge to see the relationship between the obscuring railings and the uprights. Also the thing that struck me the previous day was the reflection...<<<<<<

You might put some of that stuff up for us to see...I don't know the rules boils down to what are attractions and what are distractions....what camera and lens are you using???? you would need more length I think, are you at full frame (uncropped) here ??? risky for me to be speculating when you are the ones with the originals..but if that is all the coverage you can get, you might need to go horizontal to get at times needs to be active to get where he needs to be...often times there are too many cops around and a driver helps...limiting length of shot to width of canal seems overly restrictive....maybe 10=15 feet length canal from the gates would be enough...suggestion of smoke might be adequate, enough to show smoke not cut off. You might post what the bridge itself looks like over length 4-5 times width of canal would show us what you had to work with and would not require waiting for the train to pass.

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