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Default Lots to work with here.

Originally Posted by Ed Mullan View Post
I love this one. And I thought it met the rule of thirds, the folks on the left,
center with the water spout and cab and so forth, and the right the front of the locomotive.

Help me understand why this is bad composition.

Thanks, Ed.
For openers I would declare the locomotive a primary point of interest. The tender car and the activity (and people) around it would be secondary points of interest. The tree is a definite distraction that should be seriously dealt with, most easily by moving out laterally, that is down toward the water tower, taking several images as you go. That would enable excluding the tree from the image and developing things further back, even keeping that interesting-looking building in mind. This points out the serious need for a camera with an adequate 75 degree FOV and the ability to shoot on the go while hand-holding the camera. The tender and activity around it might easily become the primary points of interest. Perhaps you can develop some interesting passengers further back. The guy working in the tender is a definite candidate. Remember that songs about trains always indicate something dynamic happening or about to happen.
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