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Originally Posted by Warton GR4 View Post
I your good opinions which part of the bad angles rule has this fallen fowl to?

I could guess but I'd be interested in hearing other opinions first.
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You need to go back and see what else you have, particularly a slightly later shot that showed the train further along the draw bridge across what appears to be a canal. I don’t think there is enough here to work with, to salvage anything. But perhaps the original contained more which could be resuscitated. That is why it pays to rip off a whole series of shots as the train goes by since it is often difficult to know how things will turn out.

I like to frame things in terms of primary and secondary points of interest, which need to be developed and distractions, which should be minimized. But one person’s distraction is often another person’s attraction. Such things are subjective but people can get really fixated on them and resolution often boils down to a matter of simple “authority.” Also keep in mind that the reviewers are limited in their responses and might not be telling you exactly why they don’t like your picture and might be relying on stock phrases. In any event in evaluating this image I would go way beyond “what rules might have been violated” because in the real world success does not necessarily result from not breaking any rules.

For example I assume that you consider the shadow of the smoke plume in the water a cute little attraction, a thing which needs to be cleverly developed, but others might consider it a serious distraction, because it has prevented you from developing what others consider the primary attraction, the train, and what others probably consider the secondary attraction, the draw bridge over the canal, which begs to be further developed. Plus there are people on the train and these can often be developed into points of interest.

As the train passed one should zoom in to get good pictures of the people and out to get the train and the details of the draw bridge. The bridge seems to be developing in front of the train and one has to keep shooting. Sufficient length of the train needs to be developed in conjunction with interesting parts of the draw bridge. I suspect that the image would develop better horizontally rather than vertically.

One needs a certain intuition and here I think the image should be developed around including all the smoke plume that is in the air, long as well as tall and including less of the lock chamber of the canal, to better focus resources. This might be a multi-day affair and I suspect the passengers might be developed as a special project, getting in close and attempting to show them interacting in a sociable sort of way with the photographer, attempting to show them clustered around the train in a dynamic sort of way, Remember that songs about trains always imply something dynamic happening or about to happen.
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