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Default Check the Tamrons at BH Photo

Originally Posted by Trendyh View Post
I am thinking of purchasing a Canon EF 28-300mm f/3.5-5.6L IS USM
Have read all the reviews, and pros and cons of being to heavy etc,
But what I want to know does anyone have or used one and what you think.

My choice far and away would be the Tamron 18-270 with VC Vibration Control, with the Tamron 18-200 without VC my fall-back budget position. These are high quality lens from a company that has been at the forefront of innovation over the last twenty years, with innovations that are usually out in front of Nikon and now are ahead of Canon in important features, particularly considering prices . These lenses and similar are not the limiting factor in image quality in cameras like my Nikon D200 or D700. There has been continual improvement in focal range coverage with their FX series for full frame cameras and their DX series for cameras with the smaller APS C frames. Near focal distance has continually improved, from about seven feet 20 years ago to 18 inches currently in both series, yielding increasingly excellent macro performance. Everything is right there in one lens that covers virtually everything for the typical user, which is important, since it allows one to take advantage of unexpected opportunities, near or far. Wide FOV is particularly important in getting proper positioning in tight situations and helps in avoiding that long strung out look in his train images. Near focus comes in handy more frequently the more one becomes accustomed to using it, as in imaging such things as gauges or placards.

Canon simply has nothing to compare. The lens you mention has a 35 mm equivalent of about 45-480 on a Canon EOS D50 considering the format factor of 1.6 and fails to provide the proper 75 degree FOV. Going for a lens like the Canon 18-55 gives the 75 degree FOV but then one needs several lens to get proper coverage and the right lens is often not quickly available in the event. One then misses all the nice things that seem to have gone away.
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