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Originally Posted by Cranky View Post
2002 is a while back, though I do not know if there have been any improvements in the lens. But as the saying goes. " If it ain't broke don't fix it". Jim on a personal scale of 1-10, how would rate the use of the 100-400, and how sharp is it at 400mm, soft,semi, or razor ? All this talk is burning a hole in my back pocket ! Also does the 100-400 have 2 IS modes? Thanks for input also.
If you are referring to the 100-400 It was released in 1998, not 2002. And yes, both have 2 mode IS, the 100-400 uses one of the older IS systems, leaves some to be desired, and AF is slow. There is also reports on some of the forums about sharpness variation between lenses. Mine is pretty sharp stopped down, even at 400. I dont have any complaints about IQ. I just dont like the push-pull and AF slowness compared to more modern USM lenses.
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