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Well, I'm not trying to pour gasoline on the flames here , but figured I'd add my observations to the ongoing opinions of this thread seeing I did start this thing in a way. Having been to CSX's River Line Subdivision along the Hudson River in NY with their single track and multiple sidings having either Selkirk moving waves of trains south or batches coming north into Selkirk, trains may sit for a bit but I would hardly call it a meltdown. Even with the flow being stopped for a priority train coming the opposite way, the multiple sidings give the trains a chance to keep moving once things clear and I must say it makes for great photo chances given you are on the right end of the fleeting!

I would think after the slowdown some of the TOM's would like a challenge again in keeping the flow moving in a smooth fashion seeing traffic came down from higher levels, IMO.

I will add since starting this thread, Massey Energy Co. has agreed to acquire privately held Cumberland Resources Corp for their 416 million tons of coal!

Bottom line, I hope those layed off workers get their jobs back and more are created with the demand for American products and the rails move them all across the land.

Good luck all, Rich
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