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Originally Posted by troy12n View Post
It has happened many times on the C&O between Richmond and Newport News over the past 15 years or so because of decreased track and yard capacity. Any dramatic increase in trains will = meltdown...

Which does not help the situation EAST of Richmond

I'm not saying it cant be done, but having seen this happen many times in the last 10-15 years, I know what is coming. Maybe I am wrong though. Also you have to realize that this line now hosts a few passenger trains, which the Clinchfield and Rathole do not, which makes your dispatching less flexible if you want to keep any semblance of schedule for Amtrak.

The SCL used to have a coal loadout at Portsmouth, but I think it is long gone after they gained access to Newport News in the CSX merger.
Sorry, but, that is because of poor dispatching and crew management.... If there is (are) ample passing sidings and an aspect indicated signal system, yeah, it can be done. If the territory is all paper Track Authority movements, it may be difficult.

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