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Originally Posted by Chase55671 View Post
I've been told my numerous sources that the export coal demand is about to shoot through the ceiling, thus meaning a considerable increase in trains around these parts of WVa. can be expected. 100 units on CSX have been removed from storage this week. A set of nearly 10-15 locomotives from Waycross made a trip up here to Huntington to be placed back into service.

Looks like KY, WV, & VA could see a substantial increase in traffic here in the upcoming weeks. Time will tell.


Chase, I also heard from sources in Pa. that new coal contracts will be increasing traffic over the Horseshoe Curve area too. Also, since I follow the market, the coking coal price just went from $129/ton to $200/ton with a deal to BHP and a Japanese steel manufacturer! Many coal stocks rallied big time yesterday like PCX and JRCC. Wish I had the time to head to Pa. and film the added coal trains grinding up the West Slope! I hope the layed off RR workers get called back if they haven't already.

Thanks for the replies, Rich
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