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I've never participated in an OLS class, but I presume it most likely focuses on the obvious factors of "no trespassing" and so on.

Personally, if I were to run an OL presentation, I wouldn't sit there and preach to a bunch of teenagers, as I know they probably wouldn't listen. I'd simply put together a slide show of images and several videos showing what happens when idiotic people come face to face with a moving train. I think that'd probably scare them to death, or at least enough that they'd never walk down the right of way again.

I'm sure my theory has it's flaws, as I'm sure someone would think the material was too graphic to be sharing with their children, but in reality, it would be a simple and rather effective concept to comprehend.

They may already teach this stuff at these classes, as I previously said, I am uncertain what takes place.

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