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Originally Posted by JRMDC View Post
One comment, negative, sorry, on this well-intentioned post. Where are these so-called real experts? Does the subset of RP forum readers that are parents really have any special expertise on keeping young people out of trouble, just because we like to go trackside and take pictures? I don't think so. Like Joe said, or rather implied, there will always be senseless deaths. I, as an RP forum participant and parent, have absolutely no strategies to offer, sorry. What ideas I might possess, down the road (as my kids get older!), have the usual outlets to express them; in my view this forum is not the place to discuss safety of our youth.
Excellent response. Are people stupid? You bet, we all are every now and then. However, I would put tragedies like this on the "It will NEVER happen to me category". Education does help to a point and OLS classes are a great start but, it is impossible for a carrier to enforce trespassing laws on every square inch of their property and parents to keep their children on a leash constantly as they get older. So, instances like these foolish kids playing will happen many times over. Sad, but true.
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