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Originally Posted by JWH View Post
The radio purchase from EBay or any such site, with a distinct company logo should set off alarms to anyone that the item may have been imported from "Night Supply"a division of "Five Finger Discount. Remember, if the price is a steal, it just might be. Buyer Beware.
I do see your point and yes, the alarm did in fact buzz in my head as well. however, this radio barely worked when I bought it. Secondly,(this I know for a fact) CSX recently began exchanging old radios with new ones. Chances are it may have not been stolen, perhaps junked and rescued by luck from somebody. So there is a grey area here. But, all I can say is "What a find!" People collect old derailers, switch locks, railroad signs, timetables, old signal heads, crossing gates, etc....
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