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Originally Posted by PLEzero View Post
You started off your last message stating the officer was solely focused on you having a CSX radio in your possession. What I don't see is how you connect that with being labeled a terrorist? When did anyone label you a terrorist? Let's get real, Osama bin Laden has very little if anything to do with this. Simply because you have rode an Amtrak train once or 300 times doesn't give you a right to stand on the platform and listen to a radio which is not yours to own.
Nothing personal, but you didnt follow these posts in full in order to understand the point I was making. First of all, I was using Osama Bin Laden as an example as to why security is SOOO high lately given the state of our country's security. Regarding the statement that I made about traveling on Amtrak frequently was to express that "us" as railfans ride Amtrak for the sole purpose of enjoying the "hobby" of railfanning.
You obviously, didnt read everything that I had to say and everyones opinion on what I said followed by my reply of what they said. So, before you come in here bashing me, take the time to read and understand what the heck is going on in here.
Thank you.
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