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Originally Posted by Chase55671 View Post
I think of it this way. If someone is renting a home and I am taking photos from their front lawn, and they request that I leave, I simply will not. However, if their landlord (the actual owner of the property) asks for me to leave, then obviously, I'm going to leave. This is what the "photographers right" clearly states.

This is a good example of ignorance of the law not being a defense. I know we're talking about industrial areas, Amtrak platforms and the such, but I can tell you and your family has obviously never rented or leased a house or a property. When we rented the house in Lancaster, our landlord, who was the owner of the house (sometimes an owner landlord contracts a rental agency to lease out his or her house; in this case, the owner did it himself) would call or when he was coming by. If he was going to do some work in the house, he never went in until we had agreed either by opening the door when he knocked or by prior arrangement.

Your arguement is that since we leased, we would have to call him if someone was in our front yard camping out. In fact, the renter has as uch right to privacy as the owner of the house. I'm not trying to patronize you and I'm not going to type in my grown up voice, but you are very mistaken in your belief that a renter does not have the same right to privacy as the owner. The same goes for Amtrak stations and industrial customers who may not own the facilities they are using.

We've all encroached on property at one time or another, maybe even blantant trespassing. I'm not trying to be high and mighty, just trying to correct some misinterpretation of the law on your part.
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