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I cant sit at a station and watch Amtrak do its thing because some A**HOLE wants to blow us up. So, I guess, Im probably been labeled as a terrorist in Amtrak's eyes just because I bought some fools possibly stolen CSX radio just so I can hear the trains alot better to make the most out of railfanning. I HAVE always wanted to work as an engineer since I was a kid, but I know I cant pass the physical to be hired. So, I live m y life as a diehard railfan, soaking in as much as I can and getting as close as I can to live my dream. Thank you Bin Laden for ruining everyones hobby and dream.
With all due respect, don't blame Bin Laden for it all. Blame the percentage of hobbyists who gather at stations, terminals and edge of yards whose presence interferes with employees conducting their duties, or the passengers boarding or detraining, the empty coffee cups and pop cans on the ground while taking their shots. Not to mention each one armed with their scanners on loudly blaring on the same channel or worse,multiple channels. Pity the poor employee who is mobbed at times by hobbyists barraging him with questions, requests and dare I say, suggestions. Just like flies to shyte.

What I've noticed is that the some of the railfans aggressive arrogance demanding their right to enter private property (owned, leased or rented) signed or unsigned to pursue their hobby(or is it an obsession?).
It's tough being a hobbyist while working and responding to deter other foamers from trespassing, climbing on engines or being found with company property on their possession, such as train orders, builders plates and reversers.
There are countless locations throughout my country (Canada) and the US that we can follow our enthusiasm to pursue the hobby. Perhaps we need mentors for the newer generation in the great hobby.
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