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No, they were just focused on the point that a had a CSX radio in my possession. It just sucks that after all these years of visiting, learning, enjoying, etc... the american railroading system, OUR rights as an american our slowly being taken away from us. Us railfans, I beleive is what keeps this industry for the most part, turning. I read a survey back many years ago that found that 62% of Amtrak customers are railfans. I used to take both the Silver Meteor and the Star up and down the east coast just because I enjoyed the ride. I put my own car on the autotrain 8 times, just for the ride. I traveled the Sunset Limited from Orlando to Los Angeles twice, just because I enjoyed the ride. And now, I cant sit at a station and watch Amtrak do its thing because some A**HOLE wants to blow us up. So, I guess, Im probably been labeled as a terrorist in Amtrak's eyes just because I bought some fools possibly stolen CSX radio just so I can hear the trains alot better to make the most out of railfanning. I HAVE always wanted to work as an engineer since I was a kid, but I know I cant pass the physical to be hired. So, I live my life as a diehard railfan, soaking in as much as I can and getting as close as I can to live my dream. Thank you Bin Laden for ruining everyones hobby and dream.
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