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Originally Posted by miningcamper1 View Post
Before the image even finished loading, the problem was obvious (IMHO).
It's a color slide that has faded and shifted! Excess red is everywhere. Needs a ton of contrast as well.
I don't agree that the slide has necessarily shifted and faded. this can be a combination of under/overexposed scan, as well as having an inaccurate white balance in the scanning software. I really have a tough time getting a true white balance in my scans.

Originally Posted by KevinM View Post
I'm thinking the image is too blue. As I noted in my original e-mail a couple of years back, I caution against using those "Auto" function in PS or PSE. Sometimes, they work well, but often, they make things worse.

There should be a tool for fixing color casts. I know that PSE has one. I often like the results that I get with that tool much better than the "Auto" functions. In that tool, I would touch something white or grey and see what happens. In Lightroom, you can do the same thing with the color temperature eyedropper and see what kinds of results that yields.

Unfortunately, I'm more used to digital camera images than film scans, so I don't have a good feel for what kind of results you might get with this.
Color casts are the thing I struggle with most in slide scans. After setting levels/contrast in Lightroom, the color of a scan is almost always off for me. I have had no luck with any auto features, as you state, so I start with the temperature /tint eyedropper. It never gets me where I need to be, but it points me in the right direction.

For instance, I'm currently processing some Rio Grande scenes, and the scans usually have a purple cast, easily noticeable in the black locos. If I place the eyedropper on the side of a loco, it will over warm the temperature and set the tint too far into the green range. If I reduce both offsets by 50-67%, the balance is usually much better, but I may still need to desaturate dominate colors. Then I need to revisit the levels.
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