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Originally Posted by wds View Post
In addition, that's not a neighborhood you'd want to be hanging around after dark. Remember here in Canada we do not have the option of concealed (or otherwise) carrying of handguns - and standing around with a 12-gauge would be sure to attract the unwanted attention of the local constabulary. Actually even standing around with a few thousand bucks worth of camera equipment would probably result in detainment and have them looking for whatever nuthouse you might have escaped from.

Living relatively close to Canada (about six hours from Winnipeg), I've been there a number of times. Mostly I go to far North wilderness areas (Churchill, Inuvik) but also Vancouver/Victoria, Calgary, and have been to Toronto a couple of times. I was under the impression that since no one is allowed to have guns there, everything was perfectly safe. What I was getting at is there are always a number of ways to take a shot. It was some cool subject matter.

As for defending Dave--no need for that. I'm a fan of both him and his Quixotic quest! He's RPnet's equivalent of Charlie Brown, Lucy, and kicking the football. Every time Dave thinks he has posted a winner, the screener yanks it away at the last second, leaving poor Dave flat on his back. Does he quit? No!, (not yet.) Gotta admire his pluck!

Kent in SD

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