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Originally Posted by bigbassloyd View Post
I agree. I hate having to dig through flickr to find your work Sean. So stop it.

Loyd L.
Simply put, the time required to upload and deal with the minor tweaks sometimes required of RP's "standards" is more effort than it has proven to be worth. It's no secret, I make money off of my photography, and in the several years I've uploaded stuff to, I have yet to get a single client referral or even so much as a request to buy a print.

I started my FLICKR stream about 2 years ago, and within a few months, it became one of my best lead generators. Partially, I think this is because FLICKR has a much wider and diverse audience (read as: not everyone is a train buff), and you are able to better "optimize" your material to make it more likely to come up in searches. I have become pretty religious to adding keywords to all of my photos, and I'm told by some of my clients that it is how they found me.

In any case, a more than full-time job, a family, plus my photography business makes me busier than a one legged man in an ass-kicking contest now. Adding photos to a website that is little more than (in its present form) a stock photography database of train photos is not a good investment of time and energy. Especially when the screening standards are so inconsistently applied from screener to screener. I just don't have the desire or the interest to send a photo in, have it rejected for a rather innocuous reason, and then go back and tweak it for acceptance. I'd rather invest that time in FLICKR and social media which has actually led to revenue. My new website is going through its final touches now, but that's still a few weeks away from "official" opening.

Simply put, not everyone is into railroad photography as a hobby, or a historical interest. There are a few of us out here that use it as a source of revenue, as surprising as that may be. There are people out there who like pictures of trains or railroad related subjects for a variety of reasons from artistic interest to interior decorating. Unfortunately, many of those prospective clients have no idea what is, nor do they care to learn. If you're a railfan, it's a pretty good chance you've heard of this site, if you're an interior decorator looking to deck out a basement in an "industrial theme" then you probably haven't a clue what could do for you.
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