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Originally Posted by troy12n View Post
Referring more to the conditions and image quality. I think I made that pretty clear considering I was talking about the clouds/rain/sun/conditions. Specifically "why bother hiring a professional to shoot in such lousy conditions"

Januz, you are really doing yourself a big disservice by snipping bits and pieces of my posts and presenting them like you did. I expect more from you than that. You can read the whole post of each one of those little snips he posted to get the full idea of what I was saying. Seriously, this is like the NBC edit of the George Zimmerman 911 tape.
Actually, I was trying to be fair. But one thing that I see is not clear, is that I was not trying to sum up all your posts. My intention was to present everything you said about Casey.

And that is because I have no problem with your opinions about NS. You may or may not be right, or you may or may not understand NS' motivations, I may agree or disagree, but I am not bothered by what you had to say. So I think what you said about NS is separable from what you said about Casey. So that is why I quoted as I did.

Yes you criticized Casey in the context of criticizing NS. No, I did not mischaracterize what you said about Casey. Who, by the way, I do not know or have any contact with whatsoever.
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