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Originally Posted by JRMDC View Post
What Troy has said in this thread that is about Casey specifically, as opposed to about NS or about RP:

Obviously not a professional photographer, but hey, they are paying him, right? If they really didnt care, they would just have "bubba, the second trick hostler who just got him a brand new iPhone" to shoot them


The quality of some of these shots is about on par with someone's flickr stream (no offense to some of the QUALITY flickr photostreams out there) or rrpicturearchives.
Draw your own conclusions. Just wanted to present a clearer picture.
Referring more to the conditions and image quality. I think I made that pretty clear considering I was talking about the clouds/rain/sun/conditions. Specifically "why bother hiring a professional to shoot in such lousy conditions"

Januz, you are really doing yourself a big disservice by snipping bits and pieces of my posts and presenting them like you did. I expect more from you than that. You can read the whole post of each one of those little snips he posted to get the full idea of what I was saying. Seriously, this is like the NBC edit of the George Zimmerman 911 tape.

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