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Your attachment looks like a step in the right direction. The exposure is definitely better, but it doesn't have that 'washed out color' look that the bad color reject has.

One tip I learned is to take all the photos in question and put them in a slide show. This makes it easy to compare them, and small changes in exposure, contrast and color are easier to see.

Not to pile it on, but there's a bit of grain visible in the sky in your third shot. The locomotive looks sharper, but the sky is overdone. You might want to select it and use a noise filter like Despeckle, or better yet use selective sharpening to avoid the sky and sharpen the subject only. I used to have similar problems when shooting in the evening on warmer days (are you shooting with a Rebel XT?). I can't tell what the ISO for your shot is, but even around 400 I would start to have issues with noise in the sky.

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