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I had written a rather detailed reply earlier in the day but must have pushed the wrong button.

Mullins has come thru the flooding, although Conway and Nichols have still got a wait ahead of them.

I have seen some video taken by a drone and the Waccamaw River drawbridge, in the open for boats position, is flooded very high up onto the operators house. The depot in Conwayy is also flooded, after Ken Pippin reported on Facebook that he had moved things in the buildig to the highest levels there.

I think the Waccamaw level has come down about 2 feet the last I heard.

I had read reeports that Chadburn was flooded, but not now. There was some video posted of some lumber cars there, with 2 or 3 locomotives, moving those cars into the wye.

Glad to know that the track and rolling stock at that location are in operating condition.
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