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Originally Posted by adickson View Post
Ron, I like some points of your edit. I am still waiting for the decision from the screener's. It appears to have bounced through just about all of them. If they veto my latest version I may try to go somewhere in the middle. Thanks for taking the time to take a swing at it. I appreciate it!
You're welcome. I don't care very much about all that white balance and other digital mumbo-jumbo. I think I have a pretty good sense of what looks good, and what doesn't, so I use a variety of Photoshop tools to arrive at what I want (hopefully...). I'm in the camp of thinking this is more about art than something exceedingly technical (although I know how to operate a camera, and what all those knobs and, sorry....buttons do). Sometimes you can techno-talk right past the obvious: maybe the shot just sucks.

At any rate--glad you got your shot accepted. As I said earlier, it's a very nice composition.
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