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Here is a link to a newspaper story, which raises some interesting questions, such as how long a Surface Transportation Board action would take.

My concern is that with the railroad closed now close to two years that if it does eventually reopen, their might not be any businesses that would still want to use it.

Such a situation would be similar to that of the Pine Island drawbridge taking 9 years to be repaired, and almost 13 years before the railroad east of the Waterway being reopened, and another 3 years before a new freight shipper, using a 2 car siding to move into a former lumber company that had moved west of the waterway during the time the drawbridge was closed.

Prior to the 1988 bridge closing the largest freight shippers in downtown Myrtle Beach were the beer and wine distributors, using 300 or more cars a year.

One of those shippers moved closer to Conway, and so far has not used the railroad again. And, the other beer and wine shipper had found the trains too slow to resuming using the railroad.

One lumber company with a 2 car siding is enough for the railroad to have been open and used for freight traffic from 2004-2012, but this experience shows just how difficult it is for a railroad to attract and keep freight shippers.
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