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jdrtrainwatcher 11-27-2003 03:10 AM

Trains on the NS Piedmont Division(11-26-03)
Here is a list of the trains that I either saw or know what the power was that ran today,there were a lot more,but I missed them.

BNSF C44-9W(heritage 2)
I am not sure of the rest of the power,I just know that it was in the lead.

UP SD70M(wings),
UP SD70M(wings,flags,flares).

NS C40-8,
NS C40-9,
NS C40-8.

NS GP60,
NS GP60,
NS GP60,
NS GP60.

NS SD40-2 #1648,
NS SD40-2(hi-nose),
NS C40-9W.
*note*All 3 of these units were running long-hood-forward!!

BNSF SD40-2(heritage 1),
ATSF SD40-2(bluebonnet),
UP SD40-2,
HLCX SD40-2(solid navy blue).

NS SD40(hi-nose),
NS SD40-2(hi-nose).

Also,I know that 156 had some sort of BNSF in the lead!

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