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FastFlyingVirginian 02-21-2010 07:59 PM

A Locomotive Genealogy Question - SAL 1114
Hi all,

Back in January I posted a few clips from Hamlet, NC over at YouTube, and in one of the captions referenced the preserved Seaboard locomotive across from the station. By the spotting features, several online sources, and my own accumulated personal knowledge, I would peg the 1114 as an SDP35. However, a poster has now come out of the woodwork claiming to have been the road foreman of engines for the Gainesville Midland RR, and asserts that the 1114 is in fact the former GM 10, an SD40. Every picture of GM 10 I have found shows it to be a standard SD40 without dynamic brakes. However, the 1114 clearly has the SDP squared-off long hood end, along with the 35-series small center radiator fan on top. All the info I've found so far lists GM10 as having been renumbered to SBD 8300 and CSX 4600 before scrapping, and that the 1114 started life as SAL 635 - no reference to service on the GM anywhere that I can tell; the only resemblance I see is the Seaboard-like paint scheme. So is this an interesting bit of Seaboard locomotive history I was not previously aware of, or a YT troll smoking the good stuff from his stash?

nikos1 02-22-2010 01:00 AM

Whoever this guy is doesnt have a clue what he is talking about. Probably they are just going off the paint scheme, Gainesville Midland 10 wore the SAL paint well into the 80's. GM 10 indeed ended life as CSXT 4600, apparently there was a attempt to save her but alas she was indeed scrapped in the early 2000's, theres a photo of it on RP of the cab in the junkyard in Huntington.
The unit in Hamlet is one of the last genuine SDP35's left, and possibly the only SAL one left. There is one at a cement company in Cali and Respondek owns one and has it painted radioactive green.

FastFlyingVirginian 02-22-2010 10:49 AM

Exactly what I was thinking. I'd love to hear what kind of story he can come up with to explain an SD40 being converted to an SDP35, but I won't hold my breath for the ending.

Joe the Photog 02-22-2010 11:52 AM

Honestly, this was an easy one. Search SAL 1114 and there should be plenty of stuff on line regarding her ancestry. Spotting features are all well and good, but this is a very easy locomotive to find information on.

troy12n 02-22-2010 09:44 PM

Yea, that is complete garbage. The engine you see in Hamlet, SAL 1114 was indeed a SDP35, had the boiler removed in the late 70's and remained in service up into CSX. It has been there for years, in fact GM10/CSXT4600 was still in service with CSX when this locomotive was put on display in Hamlet. I think it was moved once or twice too when the station was moved.

History: built 1965, SAL 1114 -> SCL 615 -> SCL 1965 -> SBD 4595 -> CSXT 4595 retired in ~1988. Note the number change from 615 to 1965 was due to the removal of the boiler and removal from passenger service and renumbered into the SD35 range, as GP38-2's were being purchased in that range (500-??) where the passenger locomotives used to be.

GM 10 was the only diesel ever owned by the Gainesville Midland RR, a shortline owned by the SAL. Interesting as the SAL never owned any SD40's, but bought one for the GM. It went through a ton of renumberings as SCL, SBD and CSXT absorbed GM and eventually it became CSXT 4600, still painted in SBD colors with yellow nose. It was retired and cut up in 2000.

Just looking at the locomotive, you can see it is an SDP35 and not an SD40. Most of the other SCL SDP35's were rebuilt by SCL in the early 80's as "H15's", had their turbo's and dynamic brakes removed, long hood chopped as part of this process as well, SAL 1114 was not part of that project. The renumbered H15's were numbered SCL 1-15 or thereabouts.

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