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Joe the Photog 08-31-2009 01:36 AM

L&C Through the (RP) Years
Scott Ridenhour got the first L&C shot into the database, former Conrail SW1200, then L&C #93.


The L&C was getting busier and six or seven end cab lash ups were common.


So next came three LLPX leasors, former IC GP40s downgraded to GP38-2s.


Followed by two HLCX units.


Inexplicably, LLPX took the nicely painted GP38-2s back and replaced with unrebuilt GP38s.


But still multiple lash ups of EMDs were common.



Meanwhile, L&C bought the two HLCX units.


And a little bit of a trip up north, a former L&C unit was back wearing her original lettering.


GMTX came around with four rebuilt GP38-2s in place of the ragged LLPX GP38s.


Finally, the L&C painted the ex-HLCX units.


First, they ran around half naked without lettering. Then, they got the decals and applied them to both former HLCX units as well as ex-CN/GTW now LC 3820.


LC 3820 had been RTEX 4995 and was caught here in really nice ex-CN paint.


Meanwhile, what we heard was coming actually came. They began ridding their fleet of end cabs, sending four to RTEX and one to Progress Rail.


LC 92 wound up in full lettering down in Alabama.


Two of them that remained were painted into the old L&C two tone grey and blue.


A fuller trip down memory lane later could include shots from RRPA and Flickr.

Andrew Blaszczyk (2) 09-01-2009 05:54 PM

Awesome! I hope others follow your lead and do a pictorial timeline for their 'hometown' shortlines. I'll probably work on a BR&W one later this week.

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