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Christopher Muller 11-18-2005 11:57 AM

Railfanning mishaps
Just wondering what list members have encountered in the field as far as a "mishap". Just wondering what bad luck stories railfans have.

For me, a few come to mind.

1... Backing on to a service road, and part of it washed away in a flash flood the week before. The back of my car fell in where a culvert was, a tow was needed. This occured in Iron, Minnesota while fanning the DMIR.

2... Having the battery leak and break on my truck, again, while in Iron, Minnesota, railfanning the DMIR. This required a family member to drive me parts and a battery to get if fixed.

3... Getting stuck in Superior. I drove down a plowed service road, I was unable to get up the very slight grade. I thought of what to do, and ran to the tracks a "borrowed" some ballast and shoved under the tires, believe it or not, it worked.

4... I have also gotten stuck in a snow drift in Eveleth. I was able to rock my car out, that was very lucky considering the snow was nearly as deep as the wheels on the car.

I just got to thinking about it since we have snow again on the ground in Minnesota. I hope the railfanning season of '05-'06 can be flawless and require no tows.

What war stories do you have?

golden_spike 11-18-2005 12:33 PM

Last summer a friend and I were camping out trackside. A rail grinder or some giant MOW vehicle came creeping down the tracks making lots of noise at 4:30 am. It was also lit up and gave off an orange glow in the somewhat foggy/misty pre-dawn sky. It was downright surreal, and actually pretty frightening to wake up to! We didnt go back to sleep, instead we packed up our tent and got on our bikes and rode into town for a very early breakfast.

VirginiaSouthern 11-18-2005 12:35 PM

Probably the only "mishap" that has occured during railfanning was during a cab ride on the Luzerne & Susquehana with an engineer friend of mine. Trip was cut short cause the locomotive derailed in Coxton yard.

There was a close call once. When the above friend worked for the Virginia Southern, I was riding shotgun on a night trip south with about 30 cars of coal. We begin to cross a bridge, when suddenly I notice that all the spikes on the bridge were pulled out and laying next to the rails. Apparently the contracted track crew that was working on them either forgot to put them back in or failed to let RR management know they were still working on them. Either way, my friend and I held our breath for quite a bit. One wrong move and that rail could have slipped and either we would have went over the side or many of the cars would have.

4kV 11-18-2005 01:53 PM

1. I have had flat tires many, many times, the best being a blowout near East Saint Louis in an area frequented by hookers. We pulled into an access road to the old stockyards complex and found someone in a truck "having a friendly conversation" with a female companion. Sorry, but I had to get out and do some jacking of my own. As they say, it's a business doing pleasure with you.

2. I was stuck in snow once when the snow covered a big truck rut next to the pavement. I could not see until I was in it, nor did I know the pavement took a slight turn since the road was covered. That one took a call to my dad to drag me out, who was just thrilled to come his dumbass teenage son at 11 p.m. on a work night.

3. I was riding a train that derailed. I would have had to find out own ride home, or walk 30 miles, but the crew was able to get the engine back on the tracks, though they had to leave the cars.

4. I got stuck in a small depression on the ground when the front tire dropped into it and the back wheels did not have enough weight on the ground. We finally found a chunk of railroad tie to put under the front tire when jacked up, and simply drove right off of the tie onto level ground.

5. I broke an alternator belt, managed to limp home before the battery gave me its last gasp, though it ended my day of railfanning.

6. I've had ppeeding tickets, never actually chasing a train, though. It's just been to and from locations where I am not paying attention.

7. We got hung up on almost level ground that was iced over. We had to make a little ballast traction to get moving, and once moving, no problem. It was cold as hell, but I stayed in the heated truck to drive out while two wonderful friends of mine braved the cold and put rocks under the tire.

8. Trying to drive, eat Toxic Bell, and chase a train simultaneously is always good for a mess, and I have done that several times. The mess is normally made both on me and the vehicle. I do have a food catcher under my chin which keeps the truck somewhat clean. That food catcher is known as my gut.

9. There have been many, many, many surprise diaper bombs, the kind where a smelly smear of greenish poop comes out and up the back, out the legs, up the front, you name it. Those were not mine, by the way, but my kid's.

10. A friend and I got locked in the Monticello Railway Museum. We stopped by one afternoon to check the place out, parked, and asked some guys working there if we could look around. They said the place was ours, knock yourselves out. When we got back to the truck, which was parked right by their vehicles, we noticed they were gone. When we got to the front gate, it was locked. I tried to drive up and over the tracks, which would have allowed for an easy out, but could not get over the rail because the tires slipped on the ballast. We walked around, found a place we could drive to get over the tracks, then drive through the grass to a nearby road. When we got to the truck to do this, someone by coincidence was driving by on a neighborhood street, and he happened to have a key to the museum.

11. There are probably many more, luckily nothing major, mainly just annoyance type things.

Ween 11-18-2005 01:53 PM

Nothing major:

- I highsided my car on a crowned gravel road and had to be 'rescued' by the CSX crew who was waiting on westbound traffic. Saved alot on tow fees, that's for sure.

- I jumped a curb watching the H&E Geep doing some switching. Bruised ego, especially since I had some cars behind me.

That's it (knock on wood)...

Strasburg_fan 11-18-2005 02:39 PM

Click here. :wink:

4kV 11-18-2005 02:41 PM


Originally Posted by Ween
I highsided my car on a crowned gravel road and had to be 'rescued' by the CSX crew who was waiting on westbound traffic.

Might there have been UP engines on that train which intoxicated your mind with such jubilation that your focus on the road's local topography went adrift?

BNSF_SD40-2B 11-18-2005 05:58 PM

One very windy easter day me and a group of people went for a walk along the tracks, some of us were on the tracks and some off, and a train was coming and we didn't know because of the wind. My cousin said she was tired and wanted to walk back to the house from which we started. She turned around and saw the train coming straight at us. We were able to get off the tracks JUST in time. Back at the house there was a group of people(my aunts,uncles and cousins, etc. that were having an outdoor party) staring at us. When we did get back, we got an "earful".

If it wasn't for my cousin, I wouldn't be here today.

cmherndon 11-18-2005 07:25 PM

Well, I can't say that I've ever been stuck in the mud/snow/whatever, but there was the time that I suffered a total vehicular electrical system failure. In other words, the alternator bit the dust.

I had left earlier that morning to go shoot the CSX (first mistake) south of Corbin since I hadn't been down that way in a while. After a few hours of trying to find all the trains that the AQ dispatcher was talking about I decided that it was nothing more than a wild goose chase, and started to head over to Oneida to shoot NS.

The car started to have problem after both the blower and radio quit. I think to myself, "This is not good." About 4 miles north of LaFollette, TN on I-75, the alternator finally dies. So I start walking to the next exit, but someone was nice enough to give me a ride there. I call the house and explain what happened. It'll be "a while" before anyone gets down there so I figure there's nothing else to do except go get something to eat and then sit on a bench and drink Gatorade (because water sucks).

About 6 hours later, my mom and stepdad show up with the truck and a trailer to haul the car back home. Amazingly nobody was upset. We get back home around 11:45 pm. I left the house that morning at 6:45. So, I was gone roughly 17 hours, saw one train, and left with zero pictures.

Ru1056 11-18-2005 07:44 PM


Originally Posted by cmherndon
I had left earlier that morning to go shoot the CSX (first mistake)

Besides the danger of falling over out of sheer boredem waiting on CSX to run anything I have had one interesting "mishap"


While shooting this old boxcar, I stumbled upon a friendly swarm of yellow jackets who began a pursuit of myself posthaste (Insert "Flight of the Bumblebee) I made to my car without getting stung, but I did have one in the car with me.

hoydie17 11-18-2005 08:49 PM

I cannot go railfanning without having some sort of crazy incident befalling me.

- Magnolia, WV - I backed my 3 month old truck into a 4 foot deep ditch, tow was ultimately required. But it was entertaining to hear the CSX crews calling the CM Dispatch to tell them about a car in the ditch on the ROW.

- Dekalb Jct, NY - Pulled out of ditch in my first vehicle by a GP40-2 on local duty, we were off a back road near a grade crossing. Parked on the side of road, and while we were taking pictures, truck slid down into the ditch when the shoulder gave out. Crew saw us, stopped and, pulled a steel cable off the engine secured it to the frame and pulled us out. I promptly bought them lunch in town.

- Grafton, WV - Friend of mine tipped his Durango into the ditch an a hot pursuit.

For some interesting photo footage from many of our adventures, go to:


It hasn't been updated in about 2 years, but we're working on that part over the next month or so.

DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT suggest allowing children, or otherwise sensitive people to see this site as there are several sightings of "full moons" and "Kielbasa" among other things. So I will not be responsible if you open this page in your 4 year old's presence. Just so you know.


SD70MAC 11-18-2005 09:27 PM

Great site Sean, you guys have some funny stuff on there.

hoydie17 11-18-2005 10:21 PM

Yeah, it's one of those things that you can honestly say,

"Guess ya just had to be there."


Christopher Muller 11-19-2005 02:41 PM

I forgot to mention my worst railfanning mishap.

I met two railfans on the Iron Range, one was from Chicago and the other from L.A., being the native boy to the area, I played "host" for the day. We bagged several trains, and got some good shots, enjoyed a diner.

The day was starting to wind down, it was May 09, 2003, one day before the CN take over of the DMIR. We were shooting all day, a storm came in, and we were on the highway 33 overpass, shooting a northbound limestone train. A short time later, the wind came up, and a tornado warning was issued. We quickly left the area, and found a bar/grill to have dinner. We ate and left to return trackside as the storm cleared and it was dark. We took some night shots.

Anyways, the tornado had knocked out power to the area. Once the power was reconnected, a capictator (blah, technical thing) it exploded and sounded like 40 shot guns going off at the same time. A short time later, five St. Louis Co cars and an Evelth police car rolled up, we were taken down nearly at gun point. It was hard explaining to the officer what we were doing. Finally, the power company rolled by, and we told them to ask them, their story corraborated with ours, and we were left to take pictures.

When the officers were leaving, they were lauging and told their dispatcher they would call with the details, they wouldn't believe what these yahoos were doing.

brunswickrailfan 11-19-2005 02:57 PM


Originally Posted by hoydie17

- Grafton, WV - Friend of mine tipped his Durango into the ditch an a hot pursuit.

For some interesting photo footage from many of our adventures, go to:


It hasn't been updated in about 2 years, but we're working on that part over the next month or so.

DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT suggest allowing children, or otherwise sensitive people to see this site as there are several sightings of "full moons" and "Kielbasa" among other things. So I will not be responsible if you open this page in your 4 year old's presence. Just so you know.


Oh I wonder who that could be. ROFL

dodi4200 11-19-2005 07:02 PM

ok i will talk about the mishap that happened to me
i were in cairo in the international book show then went to railfan in the central yard of cairo station.then after finishing railfaing i went to book aticket on the express #884 from cairo to kfs city(my city) at first the train was busy with people it was consist of one loco and 8 cars second class.then the train become its journey from cairo central station then stop in tanta central station for switching perations to be converted to kfs city line.
then after bigen to run into kfs city line i noticed that iam the only one in the car.so i thought to go to any car that there is alot of people and the most bad thing that when i looked in to the other 7 cars of the train there werenot any body in the train but me :( then after 30min the train stopped at avery strange area which i donot know it. the most bad thing that happened that the light of the cars was off also the light of the loco and the engine was switched off :( and the train stop in avery strange dark area.
then i heared sound of engine and when it the sound become more high i saw agrain train coming beside my train and knew that my train was stop to wait for asignal after the grain train pass.then the light was back and the train begin to move the i feeled with hands in my shoulders suddenly i looked to the person who put this hand on my shoulders he was the security man of the train and when i told him where he was he told me that he was in the bathroom :D .
after that i tiold him that iam alone in the train so we stayed all the journey of the train talking about trains and laughing :D .

Pat Lorenz 11-22-2005 05:26 PM

I have been pretty fortunate to not have too much bad things happen to me while out railfanning. We got a flat tire while out in the middel of no where on a MOW road. I did have a full size spare and jack so it was all ok. I almost ran out of gas another time, i got to the texico on fumes, just barely. That about it, other than small encounters with curious police officers, but nothing major. At least i hope i dont have to add to this list!

railtrekker 11-22-2005 05:32 PM

2 come to mind immediatly and both involve railfanning witht the same person (Gee Pat maybe YOUR bad luck!)
1st time was entirely my fault. Was driving around Granite City, had just come past A.O. Smith yard when I must have nodded out (SHEESH) and hit a good sized (OK It could have swallowed my Escort!) pothole! Thanks to the animal control facility where it happened we were able to borrow tools to get the tire changed.
#2 was coming home from somewhere in the middle of 0'Dark hundred when I was on I-55 at Litchfield/Gillespie Il. interchange when the left front blew out on the Olds. Still ended up walking a bit to a station where I had to borrow tools (Once again) to get the tire changed.
Just remembered this as I was typing and doesn't involve a flat or that I was even driving BUT once again Pat (Getting the theme here?) was with us. This one involved the Reverand Spiv and thinking that a ditch would make a nice place to turn around at. His quote "I thought there was a road there" I drove home from there with no other encounters. This was around Centralia, Mo coming home from Bucklin and driving along the old GM&O.

E.M. Bell 11-22-2005 10:48 PM

I could probably wright a novel..or at least a hefty volume of pulp fiction, on this subject. Getting stuck (that seems to happen a lot, even with a 4x4)...getting lost (not so much)..blowouts at speed, interesting run-in's with local yocals (steam train a coming??..sure..be here in 5 mintues) dropped camera, slips..trips...falls....

One specific (and embarrassing) thing that comes to mind is the time I got my old dodge truck stuck. Several years ago (10 or 12 at least) I went on a solo night photography trip on the NS. About 0200 on a dang cold winter night, I had shot a few time exsposures of trains coming through the cut at Kings Mountain KY After I had finished, I loaded up the truck, pulled onto a sideroad and went to turn around in a old abandonded gravel driveway that I had used countless times in the past.. I swung around, backed into said driveway..and BLAM..rear of thetruck dropped about 3 feet and the rear wheels where just spinnng in mid air. Seems that someone had taken a backhoe and dug a 6 or 7 foot ditch across the driveway. Truck was resting on the frame and driveshaft..and there was NO way i was getting it out without a towtruck...

Now, here I am stuck in the middle of nowhere (and this was before i had a cell phone) and I decided that knowing the kind of folks that lived around there, I wasnt going to go knocking on doors in the middle of the night. A cold 3 mile walk was made to a little country store and a payphone..called a buddy to come rescue me, and had a nice $100 tow bill the next day...but the pics came out decent :)

ccaranna 11-23-2005 03:34 AM

Lots of blown shots that "could have been something" are among the top mishaps, but the humorous ones (in retrospect) have to be parking my car, rushing out of it to grab a shot, and to return to the vehicle only to discover that I had locked the keys in it. Luckily, I left the window open an inch, and it was parked in a neighborhood that was freindly enough to lend me a hangar, so I was able to fish them out.

Another bone-head error was persistently driving down an access road that I thought was wide enough, only to discover that it narrowed to the point that all the brush on both sides of the path wound up scratching the crap out of my car. And this wasn't any ordinary brush, it was full of thorns. As you may figure, I had a few choice words for myself after that. And after the whole ordeal, I wound up not getting any shots.

The all-time biggest mishap has to be what could have been one of my best shots ever-

I was fortunate one day to talk to a young fellow at a grain elevator in a small town about 25 miles away, who wound up inviting me up to the top of it to get a shot. (It was about 12 stories up). After reaching the top and waiting and waiting (he was very patient) I decided that I didn't want to wear out my welcome, so I said that maybe next time I'll come back someday and try again. He politely said it was no big deal to wait, but like a moron I insisted I was taking up too much of his time, and that I should let him get back to his business. (Which I recall was spraying for weeds on the property :roll: ). Well, as soon as he locked me in the one-man elevator/upended coffin for my trip down, I heard the crew call the signal for my location. My last second cry to be freed wound up being of no use. He flipped the switch and down I went; only to make it to the bottom where I proceeded to slip and slide on a bunch of beans to get a half-a$$ blurry shot on a new NS SD70M. I've blown a lot of opporunities in my short time as a rail photographer, but that one takes the cake. :(

lucky77 12-05-2005 04:05 PM

A few years ago, I pulled to the side of the road to get a few pictures, unfortunately I didn't put the truck in gear after I shut it off. So I go shoot a picture, turn around, and see the truck rolling down the hill!!!! :shock: A quick and breathless run after it (can you say holy sh**) caught it and stepped on the brake. Whew!

Funny stories, guys!

John M. Day 12-06-2005 12:55 AM

While chasing trains in Eritrea (Africa) with a German group in 2004, one of our group disturbed a bees' nest at a runpast. The little bees then attacked everyone they could find, including chasing folks who ran a couple of hundred yards to try to escape (they didn't). And the sting was like no ordinary bee, it was like having a live cigarette butt on your arm, as I can personally attest.


Save The Wave 12-07-2005 01:51 AM


Originally Posted by 4kV
1. I have had flat tires many, many times, the best being a blowout near East Saint Louis in an area frequented by hookers.

You got directions to that area?

railtrekker 12-07-2005 03:46 AM

You don't want directions to these hookers! Most of them are named Tyrone! I have some funny stories about the "Tyrones" when I worked for the Ambulance company that served E. St. Louis. But definately not fit for these pages! (when business was slow by the stockyards hey call the "CABulance" to have you run them downtown then refuse treatment when they get to the hospital and walk out. Nothing like honest hard working law abiding taxpayers helping to support this lowlife crackhead lifestyle.

firegator 12-07-2005 06:07 AM

Years ago when I lived in PA., I was chasing an EL freight pulled by several
"F" units-- I got quite a ways ahead of the train and found a good site between the tracks and the river to use the last light of day to my advantage-- Got set up, the train came by slowly with the crew waving and blowing the horn-- About 40 cars had gone by when the train stopped, blocking the crossing on this dead-end road-- After waiting about 20 minutes and realizing there were no sidings or spurs in the area, I drove on a dirt road as far as I could which got me within about 250 feet of the power-- The crew was friendly and I asked them why they stopped-- They went dead on hours and were waiting for a taxi to pick them up-- I told them I was trapped on a dead-end road, and couldn't leave-- They said: "Sorry, we can't move the train." Another crew wasn't due until the next day-- After making numerous suggestions and comments about my Ford 4WD, and what it could or couldn't do, they let me sweat for about 20 minutes-- Then they both started laughing and said if I gave the conductor a ride, they would break the train at the crossing and let me out-- I agreed, and the crossing was cleared-- I got into my truck and told the conductor he had to hoof it back to the power-- After he walked about 3 car lengths, I turned around and picked up a very pi$$ed off conductor-- The engineer got a good laugh out of it, but the conductor had lost his sense of humor-- Great idea for a thread-- Regards, da Gator

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