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bnsf7562 04-14-2015 01:54 AM

Changing Member Profile Photo
Hello all!

Today I went on to my profile page on RP to update my profile photo, but could not find any way of uploading a new image. Have they moved where you can do this or am I stuck with the same photo forever now?

Just curious. Thanks for any info!

JRMDC 04-14-2015 02:09 AM

Didn't someone else ask this very recently? At any rate, no one knows. Next to some major RP mysteries - isn't all of RP a mystery, really? - this is a minor one, but it is one.

KevinM 04-14-2015 04:22 AM

Yep, no way to do it. Been wanting to do that myself for months. Sent e-mail to Admin a while back, but no reply. For now, I remain a faceless part of the Federal Witness Protection Program...:lol:

Ween 04-14-2015 11:01 PM


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