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Mgoldman 12-29-2016 06:30 PM

Oh, yes they did! Strasburg Double Headed Freight:
For those not in the loop, or those in the loop, unable to make the trip to the Strasburg Rail Road in Pennsylvania (like myself), here's a link to one of several YouTube video's capturing an unlikely event in 2016 - a revenue double header steam powered mixed freight!

Since both steam locomotives were available and the load exceeded the load capacity of either alone, the railroad elected to bring several loaded freight cars (and two passenger cars loaded with fans) from an NS interchange point along the Keystone Corridor at Leaman Place Junction (Strasburg's terminus) to the railroad's freight yard in Ronks, PA (Strasburg).

Tracy was there chasing too - that dang dog scares the hell out of me, but rest assured, she's a seasoned chaser!

Enjoy, and, Happy Holidays!



JRMDC 12-30-2016 04:32 PM

Thanks for the video link, Mitch. I was - somehow! - in the loop, but was unable to free up, having a most pleasant amount of work over the holiday season and into the new year. Well done video by Matthew Flanagan!

Here's another with extensive ground-level work.


KevinM 01-01-2017 04:41 AM

Great camera work on that aerial. From a technical standpoint, I wonder how the videographer dealt with the "line-of-sight" rule over that distance.

And yeah, that dog scares me. Does she chase cars too?

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