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jnohallman 01-01-2015 08:41 PM

Looking Back - Your best of 2014
It's a new year, so time once again for everyone's favorite year in review thread. Post your 10 (or 5, or 7, or whatever number you prefer) best shots from 2014.

Here are mine:

10) [photoid=488867]

9) [photoid=505889]

8] [photoid=490629]
I thought this one would do a little better.

7) [photoid=492920]

6) [photoid=488741]
I didn't get as many rail photos out of my trip to Canada as I would have liked, but this one didn't turn out too bad.

5) [photoid=488736]
I remember as a kid being able to ride behind this engine in steam. It's a pity to see her sitting there cold now.

4) [photoid=490668]
This was an interesting catch from my Canada trip as it was literally in the middle of nowhere along the highway.

3) [photoid=505892]
The newest engine in my collection of photos by far, I caught this one from the parking deck at 30th Street just before boarding Amtrak's Autumn Express.

2) [photoid=492825]
A massive jump in views from my other pics this past year to the top 2. Apparently people really miss Conrail (or is it that they miss GP30s?).

1) [photoid=490050]
My top photo for 2014 is also my favorite among those added to my RP portfolio this year, perhaps as much for the location as for the photo itself. Ever since I stayed at the Izaak Walton Inn for the first time, it has been one of my favorite spots, even if I don't get there very often. I didn't get to stay there this trip - I was just passing through on my way back to the Whitefish Amtrak station after a trip to Calgary - but I enjoyed the chance to drop by and see the place.


coborn35 01-01-2015 09:03 PM

No particular order:


This was a picture for our company magazine. Due to lack of snow and it being a last minute thing, we settled for this. I should settle more often! Became my first POTW!


This was a neat even I was able to put together.


Probably my favorite picture of 2014.


I liked the human element.


Due to mechanical issues I had to press my FP7 into service and it sure looked good!


Jungle in the middle of the city!


I really liked this with the boat going through the bridge in the background.


Hard to beat that sag!


This is a location no one shoots anymore because of how hard it is to access. I haven't seen a shot here since the late 90's at the earliest.


My trip to the Black Hills was amazing. I believe I am the first person to ever shoot a matched set of RCP&E engines together, and the weather was simply amazing.

JRMDC 01-01-2015 10:13 PM

It was, as usual, a quiet year for me. So out of my 23 uploads, a number of which were not shot in 2014, I will only feature a few.

A rare venture into the night, working on passenger car blurred window stuff.

Another venture into the night, lucking into the foreign power that has been prevalent around here this year; I am not one to chase those but got this one unplanned.

Went out into an 8 degree day. Frankly, this one looked a lot better while being taken than upon review at home later. Enthusiasm met reality. :)

I profess to like detail shot but I take them very seldom in practice. Stumbled into this opportunity while driving the family home from Dutch Wonderland - thanks for your patience, family!

Made something out of nothing, at a spot with changes in the past few years mucked up the customary shot.

Mberry 01-01-2015 10:53 PM

In no particular order, here are some of my photos from this year that I quite liked.

A busy image and something I'd been wanting to do for awhile.

A very productive trip to northern Quebec netted these two colourful images.


Who knew NS could be interesting? Two repainted standard cabs made a nice lashup


New power on CP's holiday train was a nice surprise.


A brief period of sunshine allowed me to capture this quintessentially New England image at St. Albans, Vermont.


Winter can be a pain, but it allows for some great shots.



An overpass that may not last long and that allows for great shots of unit trains.



Noct Foamer 01-02-2015 12:46 AM

In no particular order:





Flowing 01-02-2015 01:04 AM

I'm just going to post this one, definitely my favorite shot from my trip to Ohio to see 765 and possibly my fav of the year. The misty weather helped me out here as the scheduling of the train and sun angle/shadows weren't going to line up. I was pleased to come home with a photo of this popular engine at a unique location.


bigbassloyd 01-02-2015 02:07 AM

Knocked out a bunch of bucket list items in 2014. Many of which I haven't gotten around to uploading.

Only photo of Bells Tunnel on RP.
Only two photos of Upper Submarine Bridge on the Beech Mtn. RR and both are mine. I'll upload the Lower Submarine some day...
Not very many photos of the A&O geeps dragging coal on RP.
4th time was the charm to catch a train at Natural Tunnel
Sunrise and Sunset are the main reason I go to NW Ohio twice a year.
Fellow RP contributor Ray Lewis and I sat on a rock for nine and a half hours waiting on this train.

Kyle Korienek 01-02-2015 02:25 AM

No particular order here:


This one was my most viewed for the year, and probably my favorite fall photo I've ever taken, and the best I can say about this photo is that it was better to be lucky than good, especially since it got cloudy about 20 minutes before the train showed up. If it had stayed sunny, no shot.


Nearly didn't get set up in time, the snow was coming down so hard that it made it very hard to chase.


The first of my 2 People's Choice winners for the year, definite winner from my trip to Pennsylvania this summer. I also had the privilege to shoot this next to fellow RP'er and regular forum contributor Carl Massart, it was a great morning cruising along the NS Pittsburgh line with him leading the way!


The second of my People's Choices for 2014. Never underestimate a cloudy day, if the clouds break near sunset, the sunsets are usually the best you will ever see.


With the acquisition of some flashes, night flash has become a new aspect I am still learning. While I am nowhere near the level of skill of such RP'ers Gary Knapp and Kevin Burkholder, their work keeps me motivated to work harder and possibly reach their level someday.


One of those shots you don't know how well it will look until you post process, but this one just turned out real well, and was a favorite from the Pennsylvania trip with fellow RP'er Michael Nowakowski, even if it was a simple shot of helpers.


The last photo I took of 2014. While it is simple, I really like it, and that is the most important thing in this hobby, and a lot of people who get overly frustrated with RP tend to forget.

miningcamper1 01-02-2015 05:08 AM


Originally Posted by Kyle Korienek (Post 182974)


Nearly didn't get set up in time, the snow was coming down so hard...


The last photo I took of 2014. While it is simple, I really like it, and that is the most important thing in this hobby, and a lot of people who get overly frustrated with RP tend to forget.

I love heavy snow shots (much more so than others, I guess).
The night shot seems under-appreciated as well!

miningcamper1 01-02-2015 05:21 AM

2 Attachment(s)
Most viewed:


E44 electrics surprise me with their popularity!

My favorite that got in:


Favorite rejected and favorite not submitted:

Mr. Pick 01-02-2015 05:16 PM

I didn't post too many in2014.. My favorites were the two I took recently of the Walking Horse and Eastern's now defunct E8(A)



Dennis A. Livesey 01-02-2015 06:07 PM

Of those I uploaded, these are my personal favs.

The first one, the one of GCT in the snow, was one of three photos that helped me get the highest photo contest award of my life.



MassArt Images 01-03-2015 01:08 AM

This was the first year since 2011 that I didn't take a week to go railfanning yet I still managed to get some nice shots.

Once again the Strasburg, PA area yielded some nice shots


I got lucky at Thurmond,WV when we stopped here on our last day of a two week vacation to the Outer Banks.


Got a nice shot of Strasburg RR's L.O.S. motor car when we went to Reading to attend the Berks Jazzfest.


I liked how this Strasburg RR shot turned out also during a steady drizzle the same day.


On the trip home we swung down to Meyersdale for the Maple Festival and to get some syrup. The snow picked up so much that I was afraid to go Mance's Curve and had to settle for Sand Patch instead. Got lucky and only had to wait ten minutes before this showed up


Got the Pennsy heritage in my viewfinder on my home rails, NS's Conemaugh Line, thanks to a Heritage Units.com email alert.


The most viewed image of all I took at the Lerro Productions photo shoot in Owosso, MI with PM 1225 and NKP 765.


I got to meet several RP.net contributors near the rails this year. I waited with J.Alex Lang to capture the Lehigh Valley heritage unit less than five miles from home.


I met up with Kyle Korienek and Mike Nowakowski to guide them around the West Slope of NS's Pittsburgh Line to capture this with my 10-24 wide angle.


This was my last shot of 2014 and my first accepted shot with my Christmas present, a 150-500mm Sigma telephoto zoom lens. Shot at 440mm. I also got to meet Robert A. (Freddy) Shook.


railfanzone 01-03-2015 01:59 AM

I didn't upload much to RP this year - actually only a dozen hit the database from my camera in 2014. And of those twelve, 10 were taken after dark... Here's my 8 favs from the year in no particular order...


BUFFIE 01-03-2015 03:04 AM

A few of my faves over this last year
A few of my faves over this last year in no particular order.

This one for finding something totally unique in basically my back yard:


This one for finally going to the Colorado Railroad Museum (shame on me for waiting so long)


This one as a reminder to take the back roads - you might find a veteran working a small industrial yard


This one for remembering that its OK to take a pic with something other than just the engine in the shot


This one for all the Warbonnets out there still working the rails


This one for realizing that just because its snowing does not mean you cant have fun chasing trains


This one for trying something new


This one for always having a camera in the car to catch that 'chance' encounter


And finally for this one as a reminder to document the fallen flags and paint schemes that are so quickly disappearing. Note the write up that I included at the time:

"Every now and then you can find a special paint scheme in the rail yards, such as this UP veteran box car which still carries the 1960's slogan Automated Railway. Although a bit faded, it is amazing that this box car has remained otherwise untouched for over 50 years."


This is that same car today:


Lastly - thanks to all the screeners and the photogs that take the time to help those of us learning how to be creative with our pics.

BobE 01-03-2015 02:51 PM

deleted post

BobE 01-03-2015 02:59 PM

This got more views than any of my others. Probably the clever caption did it.



RobJor 01-03-2015 04:28 PM

1 Attachment(s)
I chose this one because Bellevue is such a nice place with great memories going back. I waited with a handful of people and it is nice seeing the small towns turn out(the stop area was jammed). I also like the existing night night shots and they are not too easy to get accepted. On another note I later found out my wife's niece was waiting only a block away as she worked a semester at Rockwell so it was a good new memory.


bnsf7562 01-03-2015 04:48 PM

Uploaded quite a bit in 2014, more so than any other year and have quite a few I'm happy with. Here are a few in no particular order:

First day shooting this location. Didn't know how the lighting would be until I showed up. Worked really well.

We had quite a bit of snow earlier this year. Enough to screw up my student teaching schedule to allow me some interesting shots. Here's two stack trains by the college on days I should have been teaching.


Contracted some sort of bug in March, but already had a trip planned to WV/MD on CSX and NS. Shepherdstown is one of my favorite locations in that area and while I like this shot, I barely had any effort to get out of the car.

Did not know this was sitting here initially. NS has three of these on lease and they seem to stick around the Harrisburg area. The tunnel motor was a nice surprise too.

Week long trip to Ohio/Indiana/Illinois in June. Here's a few from that trip.

Thurmond, WV was awesome. Not many trains though. I did manage the classic shot.

And then there's Montana:

And then there was this!

Happy New Year everyone!

mersenne6 01-03-2015 06:50 PM

For a number of reasons 2014 was a very slow year for me with respect to rail photography. Most of the pictures that made it on this year were from previous years. However, I did get one that I thought was pretty good.


JRMDC 01-03-2015 07:30 PM


Originally Posted by BUFFIE (Post 182988)
And finally for this one as a reminder to document the fallen flags and paint schemes that are so quickly disappearing. Note the write up that I included at the time:

"Every now and then you can find a special paint scheme in the rail yards, such as this UP veteran box car which still carries the 1960's slogan Automated Railway. Although a bit faded, it is amazing that this box car has remained otherwise untouched for over 50 years."


This is that same car today:


Well done, Buffie!

JRMDC 01-03-2015 07:30 PM

This is always my favorite RP forum thread of the year. :)

JimThias 01-03-2015 07:41 PM

Here are my best of 2014. :lol:


WMHeilman 01-04-2015 04:59 AM

Haven't been uploading much lately. But I didn't really do much of value in the second half of the year. So here ya go.






Mgoldman 01-04-2015 05:27 AM

A reminder and heads up for those new to posting pics from the database into the Forums; to post a photo vs a link:

[photoid=xxxxxx] substitute xxxxxx with your photo's ID number.

I wasn't going to post but then I read this is Janusz favorite gallery, so:

Finally got to see the Red Arrow in action - and catch it on a sunny day!

Liked the banked angle on this one:

Great location - read Tom Gorton's comment:

Getting mass appeal on RP with a shot from the Black River and Western is
quite an accomplishment.

You can never have too many shots with Santa:

A little nostalgia - seemingly overlooked. A good pic is a good pic and I think this is one despite posting a similar vertical from a different location earlier in the week:

A good shot on a lousy day:

One of my favorite shots from the BR&W - bet it would've had more "success" on RP had it been posted first in a series vs last. Love all the snow in the shot which made the photo more unique then others simply
taken either before or after the storm.

One of my favorite shots from Strasburg and one that made Trains Gallery.

Static and sitting, but I like this shot from Strasburg:


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