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Will Jordan 04-20-2016 02:21 AM

Great Walton to sell equipment?
I don't know that this forum is looked at all that much anymore...
But... There is word going around that Great Walton (mother company of Hartwell Railroad) is going to begin selling of some of its equipment. To anyone who doesn't know, GRWR/HRT have an extremely wide variety of historic motive power and rolling stock. Its a shame to see this stuff go for sure. Either way, if you are yet to shoot the fleet of GRWR/HRT, I would highly recommend it before it is lessened.
Hartwell Railroad: http://http://www.railpictures.net/s...twell Railroad
Great Walton: http://http://www.railpictures.net/s...alton Railroad

ShortlinesUSA 04-20-2016 12:58 PM

Thank you for the heads up, Will. I can definitely see where the GRWR/HRT fleet could be thinned a bit given that acquisitions have outpaced departures over the past several years, plus two lines have stopped operating (the Covington branch and Athens Line).

Do you know if traffic on the Hartwell has rebounded at all after the feed mill in Lavonia stopped shipping? That was pretty much all they had for steady traffic in years past.

Couple all this with locomotive dealers approaching shortlines looking to purchase older EMDs that can be used as rebuild cores and making offers "too good to refuse" and this is not surprising.

Thankfully, Gerald Altizer was able to get WM 6400 out of there and preserve it as WM 25 on the George's Creek Railway in Maryland.

If you see anymore specifics on locomotives leaving the roster, please post them. We may not be the busiest forum on the site, but there are dedicated shortline fans who do follow this list and are greatly appreciative of your information.

nikos1 04-21-2016 02:24 AM

The 6555 has been sold and is being worked on at PowerRail (or whatever they are calling themselves today) in Monroe. This leaves the entire group with one painted unit, 6580 which is likely safe. It is very doubtful 6525 will ever run again, in addition to the major electrical issues it also has a bent frame and is unlikely anyone would purchase it.
I don't forsee anything from the Hartwell being sold, even the GP35s are getting some work done to them.
I have not been up in awhile but traffic appears good on the Hartwell, the CSX interchange has been reinstated and the new feed mill south of Bowersville is active. Seems like they are running something or the other 5 days a week, much better than the very bleak state the line was in when I first visited in 2008 and the entire south end was stuffed full of storage cars.
Coal to UGA on the Athens Line ended in 2015, no traffic south of the Paradise Valley industrial park nowdays unfortunately, leaving the rails very rusty on the far more interesting parts of the line.

ShortlinesUSA 04-21-2016 12:58 PM

Thank you for the additional info, Nikos. Any idea to whom 6555 was sold (assuming someone other than PowerRail)?

From the photos I've seen of 6525, I've figured it will just sit there in Athens and eventually be overgrown or finally be scrapped in place. The bent frame kills it for even genset fodder.

Good to hear about the HRT's traffic. I wasn't aware of the new mill, so that is great. I had visions of that line becoming pretty much nothing but a car storage operation. Interchange with two Class 1s is also a good thing when trying to attract new industries along the line, as well.

ShortlinesUSA 04-24-2016 06:44 PM

Buyer is Knoxville Locomotive Works. This one is likely genset fodder...

Joe the Photog 04-29-2016 01:41 AM


Originally Posted by ShortlinesUSA (Post 188142)
Buyer is Knoxville Locomotive Works. This one is likely genset fodder...

Just so I'm reading it right, KLWX bought the 6555? As you know, that's a former South Carolina Central unit.

ShortlinesUSA 04-29-2016 02:35 AM

Correct, and yes indeed, Joe. I saw that one in Hartsville getting its nosed sawed in half many years ago right after the SC Central got started with those old Chessie geeps.

Great Walton kept it in the full orange and black BN-like paint scheme with SCRF lettering for years before finally painting it.

Joe the Photog 04-30-2016 09:32 PM

Thanks, Mike. I never caught it in South Carolina, just one shot down in Social Circle and they weren't even running that day.

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