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Ken Carr 07-05-2003 01:21 AM

Who am I

My name is Ken Carr, I been living in Las Vegas Nevada for 28 yrs. Working for local government and a retired USAFR member of plus 20 yrs. I have always had an interest in trains starting out as a young boy with an SP line running forty feet behind our home in Los Angeles. Following up with a Lionel train set that just happened to disappear once I enlisted in the military. Up to last year I would occasionally pursue my interest, but after chasing SF 3751 from Needles to Williams. I became more interested.
In Vegas I met a small group of fellow rail fanners started by Brett who manages his web site "Railroad Crossing". Thanks to him and some of the others I've learned what I'm taking pictures of from trains and what they are hauling. Being in Vegas the UP goes through town West to east with BNSF 80 miles to the southwest. Between the two I'm learning more about trains, how to improve my photgraphy and meeting and making new friends.
My rail fanning trips have stayed around 4 states Cal, Nev, Az and Utah. I just recently completed a one day trip from Nipton to Barstow to Needles. I'll be going back this weekend to catch an Amtrak train in the middle of the night and more stacks with BNSF. THen back to my local normal haunts here in Nevada with UP.
Any comments or suggestions for improving my photos or other ideas I would appriciate ..Ken

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