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Will Jordan 12-13-2014 09:01 PM

Is it really that tight?
I'm considering an appeal...

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MassArt Images 12-13-2014 09:06 PM

It is tight. and those high tension wires aren't doing you any favors. Do you have more space all around? That looks like a super-elevated curve. The image looks a little soft too.

Will Jordan 12-13-2014 09:48 PM

It was the only spot with sb light. And yes, It's a very tight location.

Mberry 12-13-2014 10:33 PM

It's borderline but I agree with the rejection.

Mgoldman 12-13-2014 10:34 PM

While it is a little "tight", another issue is - what's the engine doing all the way up there?

An all blue sky can be boring but it's still better then all that foreground and the perk is you would not have to cut off the high tension structure. It's not that a high tension tower is appealing, but rather that most images look best when elements within are not cut in falf. And, yes, it is just a bit tight on the nose.

Last - be aware that RP does not often make exceptions for panoramic crops as you have submitted. Most images are 1067 pix X 683 pix or perhaps 800 pix by 1200 which is the standard ratio for a 4" X 6" print.


Kevin B. 12-14-2014 01:14 PM

It is a very neat shot, and I like it. But yeah, its a little tight.

KevinM 12-14-2014 01:53 PM

Yes, I would agree with the prevailing opinion that this crop is too tight. As Mitch noted, why show lots of dirt below the train, and closely cut off wires and towers above it? If you can go higher, by all means do. Try not to center the subject, so if you have to trim the bottom, do that as well.

WRT crop ratios, I have found that the most "panoramic" crop that RP will accept is a 3:5, and I use that liberally when the scene calls for it.

SFO777 12-18-2014 08:28 AM

Ha ha! This one that was accepted seems just as tight: http://www.railpictures.net/viewphot...=510747&nseq=1

But seems like having all that blue sky is a virtue in the KCS photo whereas that pine tree in the BNSF pic maybe emphasizes tightness. The pine tree is a flat near plane, whereas the utility towers and the sky have more depth even though they both take up about equal amounts of the frame in front of the train.

The KCS photo has better foreground I think and a bit of the wide angle feeling.

JimThias 12-18-2014 12:03 PM


Originally Posted by Will Jordan (Post 182688)

Why do you need that shot on when you already have an identical one (with better power)?


Chase55671 12-18-2014 05:57 PM

Loosening the crop will improve the composition. Give the top left a bit of breathing room.


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